People Work Service

Are you looking for housing in addition to work?


Are you looking for a place to live in addition to work? At people work service we also mediate in housing. We offer space in our spacious family homes where you live with several migrant workers.

People Work Service owns a number of residential locations in the area of Gemert, Uden, Veghel, Den Bosch en Eindhoven. The homes are located in a pleasant, safe environment and are often close to the location where you will be working. We have various family homes available for temporary workers who are looking for housing. If you move into one our housing, you will end up in a modern furnished house, neatly maintained and equipped with the amenities for a pleasant home environment to live in. You can also use the free WiFi network. To ensure that every resident lives pleasantly and safely, we have made rules and we do regular checks for the well-being of everyone.



Good housing is important for the well-being and motivation of our temporary workers. We offer the possibility to arrange your housing in the Netherlands through People Work Service. All houses of People Work Service meet the standards of the Stichting Normering Flexwonen. This means that if you want housing through us, you will end up in a place where everything meets the requirements and safeties according to the Dutch Government. And in this way we guarantee the quality of housing for migrant workers.



You share a family home with other migrant workers who work for Peopleworkservice, with the same client or a client in the area. In this way you can also build up a social life in the Netherlands in a short time and you can travel to work together.

We aim for a maximum travel time of half an hour to an hour. A short travel time contributes positively to the motivation of our temporary workers. When the work is nearby, we make our bicycles available. In many cases you will then cycle to work for 5 to 15 minutes. If the work is further away, you will be picked up by one of our drivers in one of our vans or cars.

It is also possible to go to work with your own car. In that case, we often pay a travel allowance for commuting.


Are you interested? But is there currently no suitable vacancy for you? Register yourself and we will take a look together to find a suitable job opening.