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Register yourself with the municipality

Recently we get the question from our employees “how can I register myself with the municipality?

Gemeente Gemert Gemeentehuis

Here a picture of the municipality in Gemert

We as an agency can make an appointment for you and help you with it. Of course there are some documents needed, but for the rest it’s actually a very simple process. But keep in mind that there are some things that are gonna change when you do. 
First of all, almost everybody that starts working with our agency uses the ET-Arrangement. This arrangement works like a Tax-Discount because your from another country and you have double costs for housing. When you register yourself in the municipality you are an inhabitant of the town or city. And the ET arrangement is then something you can’t get anymore.

Next to that when you are registered you have to contribute to the municipality. So you will have to pay taxes for sewer, for garbage disposal and several other things the municipality provides services for. How much this is, is for every person on every address different. Because it depends on how many people you live with, but the worth of the house you live in is important aswell. So there are different things that can have an influence on what you need to pay. What you need to pay exactly will be shown in a letter which you will receive. When on the letter it says “gemeentelijke en waterschapsbelastingen”  similar like the picture, you will know it’s from the municipality.

A piece of a so called “aanslagbiljet”

Ofcourse there are some benefits, for example you are able to buy a car and register it on your name and address. You can easier apply for a DIGID, which will come in handy for a lot of things. And when you are an inhabitant in the Netherlands you will have more rights aswell.

Keep in mind, officially everybody is obligated to register themselves if they want to stay longer than 4 months. But not everybody does it, because they don’t know for how long they want to stay. Unfortunately after 4 months a lot of people forget to do this, you will not get a fine for it but after some time we do recommend it.